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The name of our annual festival comes from Yeha one of the earliest known civilizations in Africa, as well as ‘Ye Ha’, the anagram for the first letters in Amharic. Yeha Digital Experience, first of its kind in Ethiopia, showcases the work of Digital artists from Ethiopia and beyond. Our first edition of was held on 24th April 2018 and although the show was on for just four hours, it was attended by more than 1,200 people from a wide range of ages and backgrounds, with some guests traveling from Hawasa and Bahir Dar to be part of this unique event. The event was delivered in partnership with Boston Day Spa, Creative Futures, Spectrum, Cruise School, Nova Print, What’s out Addis, BGI Ethiopia, Castle Winery, Arki Water and Fana Broadcasting.

The idea of organising an annual digital art festival came from the training our team at Collab Systems took on Event Management delivered by the EU funded Creative Futures programme back in 2017. Creative Futures programme was delivered by the British Council, Goethe-Institut and iceaddis.

This year all Ethiopia based artists were encouraged to submit their work through an artist open call. After the deadline, our 18 artists were selected through a blind selection process by our judging panellists: Photographer and Graphics Designer Girma Berta, Photographer Aron Simeneh, Digital artist Noh Balcha, Graphics Designer Hanna Teshome and founder of the creative platform Bruh Club Mahlet Mairegu.

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